About us

Delta Transaction Services (DTS) is the brainchild of professionals with over 100 years combined industry experience. Our story begins with the founder’s previous roles as Senior leaders and Directors which enabled them to assess and build investment and risk processes across a spectrum of investment managers, Insurance companies and Banks.

A common and recurring theme was the lack of understanding of the true nature of investment risks, their integration into portfolio management decision-making processes and generally inefficient Middle Office processes. Many managers can inadvertently expose investors to risk issues as part of their decision-making process. Investors feel the pain when these risks manifest themselves. Delta Transaction Services was founded with one single goal; to address these inefficiencies in the Investment Management arena, whether they are operational or analytical and improve customer outcomes

What started as our area of specialism is now the Regulator’s prime focus; Risk

“Flying without instruments is not only dangerous, it is increasingly a significant Compliance risk.”

– Asim Javed DTS Founder


Financial markets have undergone a dramatic change since the Global Financial Crisis over a decade ago. Whilst some changes can be attributed to natural evolution, much of the shift has been driven by tighter regulation and a stricter compliance regime. An investment manager’s critical information sources must continuously evolve as regulatory oversight tightens and clients and investors become more risk averse. “Flying without instruments” is not only dangerous, it is increasingly a significant compliance risk for all concerned throughout the professional asset management value chain.

UK Retail managers have generally lagged their institutional peers in terms of investment oversight – the Woodford case study in some ways highlights the point. At Delta Transaction Services [DTS] we believe the highest quality and the most insightful “risk and performance intelligence” is a vital component of modern Investment management – both for portfolio managers and for those engaged in oversight and governance alike.

At DTS we consult with our clients and design a tailored risk and performance dashboard populated by powerful systems and utilising proprietary techniques. We aim to supply our clients with information which will provide invaluable insights for successful portfolio management. Also, to highlight key areas for scrutiny and oversight which will assist with the reduction of overall business risk and enhance the probability of managing portfolios successfully in the eyes of clients and overseers.

Our service is delivered at a level higher than that which is supplied by “off the peg” industry platforms and mass market systems. As such we offer our clients an important “edge” and an information advantage – to act as a springboard for investment success.


The regulator and risk overseers have an expectation that managers have full 20/20 vision into their risk exposures and are able explain these and provide evidence. Our services will give reassurance to the key stakeholders that management has control and that key risks like liquidity for investors are well understood.

Our Directors have extensive industry and risk knowledge, complemented by a team of 6 highly qualified professionals.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks a real advance in science.”

– Albert Einstein